"Our website packages provide you with the most flexibility and the best value."
First, we will work closely with you to design and build your site and then depending on your preferences and budget, we can:
• Custom design your website
• Host your website
• Update your website
• Market your website
• Search engine optimization
• Edit text for you
• Add ecommerce to your site
1. Silver Package
• Website Design - $1,799
• Hosting - $300
$1,799 one time cost and $300 annual fee
2. Gold Package
• Website Design - $1,799
• Hosting - $300/yr.
• Site Maintenance - $149/yr.
• Search Engine Submissions 12 times/yr. - $199   
$1,799 one time cost and $648 annual fee
3. Platinum Package
• Logo and stationery design - $399
• Website Design - $1,799
• Hosting - $300/yr.
• Site Maintenance - $149/yr.
• Search Engine Optimization - $200/yr.
$2,198 one time cost and $649 annual fee
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1.  Custom design your website for just $1,799
• Using text and images (logo, pictures) supplied by you via email.
• At the cost of $1,799 US when you host your site with us.
• Maximum of ten pages. FREE LOGO Design - Ends August 31, 2019. See Sample Logo

2.  Host & Update your website
• If we host your website, we will do minor updates for free, including change of address, contact information or pictures.
• We can also update your website for one low annual fee of $149. When purchased as part of Package 2 or 3, it is discounted to $99 per year. This means you save $51 or 15%. With this service, you can make minor updates to the text of your web site and add a maximum of four new pages to your website in one year. This service can include minor changes to the design, but does not include adding new features to your website. We are always glad to provide quotes on additional services you require.

3.  Search engine optimization
• To help your site rank high on major search engines, so you can be found by visitors.
• We will optimize your website so that it is search engine friendly
• We will submit your website so it will be indexed by search engines
• You will receive a monthly report to show you your progress

4.  Edit the text for you
• Present your company, your services and products in a way that is appealing to your visitors. We will rewrite text for websites. Give us your info and will clean it up for you. You will be able to use this text however you want: in your company brochure, flyer, print ads, email, letter, whatever.
• $300 for 1,000 words and less
• $700 for 1,001 to 2,000 words

5.  Add eCommerce to your site
• We build eCommerce sites as well. If you want your site to have this feature, we will be glad to give you a quote on this.
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